Classic Southern Gospel and Contemporary Christian LPs

We've come across a treasure trove of classic old LPs.  So we're making them available to you.  You might even find some "Collector's Items" among these LPs. Most of these LPs were originally promotional copies, some in their original shrinkwrap.  The rest are open and lightly (if at all) used (and probably never had shrinkwrap in the first place).

LPs are just $5.00 each (definitely below collector prices).  

Normal Springside shipping charges apply, but, please, due to shipping concerns for the LPs, please order at least three or four, if possible.

We only have one copy of most of these items, so when they're gone, they're gone.  This online list will be updated periodically so that only currently-available items remain on the list.

Note that these items are NOT regular Springside stock items and are NOT available through the Springside webstore.  To order, you must call us during office hours (weekdays, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Eastern time) at 1-800-38-MUSIC.  This will also confirm availability.  If this is not possible, please email and tell us what you want.  Regular Springside payment options apply, with credit card or mailed-in check preferred.  Everything necessarily is sold as-is, no returns.  

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(More Southern Gospel LPs can be found in the "Classic Miscellaneous Southern Gospel Items" section.)

Listed by Artist, then album title, year released (if available), sealed or unsealed status

25 Songs Of Christmas from Sparrow, (featuring Phil Perkins, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Phil Keaggy, and more), 1982
101 Strings - Songs For Inspiration and Meditation, (record is scratched)
A Heartwarming Christmas (with songs by Squire Parsons, Dixie Melody Boys, Candy, Gold City, and more), 1984
A Praise Service F.B.C. Style (by Songmasters and Youth Evangelism Team)
Acuff, Roy and the Smokey Mountain Boys (Metro Records, M-508)
Acuff, Roy - Favorite Hymns, (with the Smoky Mountain Boys)
Acuff, Roy and his Smoky Mountain Boys - Hand Clapping Gospel Songs
Acuff, Roy and the Smokey Mountain Boys - Hymn Time
All Star Gospel Favorites Volume 1, 1973, 3 copies (featuring various Southern Gospel groups and quartets)
Alleluia: A Praise Gathering For Believers, 1973, 2 copies
Anderson, Bill - Bill Anderson Christmas
Anderson, Bill - I Can Do Nothing Alone
Andy & Renie - Heart To Heart
Archer, Steve - Action, 1985
Archer, Steve - Through His Eyes, 1983
Atwood, Rudy - Crown Him With Many Crowns, 1977
Atwood, Rudy - I Will Pilot Thee
Atwood, Rudy - Piano Solos
Atwood, Rudy - Plays Two Pianos "Everlasting Songs Of Adoration"
Atwood, Rudy - Songs Of Comfort... (piano with the Ralph Carmichael string quartet)
Audrey Mieir Recording Choir - Audrey
Augustana Choir - Christmas Music By The Augustana Choir, 1960, (CAS-636)
Ayala, Bob - Rescued, 1985
Back To The Bible Broadcast - Ambassador Youth Choir
Back To The Bible Broadcast - Dr. Theodore Epp presents from Lincoln Nebraska, (choir, quartet, soloists, male chorus), 1960
Bailes Brothers - Avenue Of Prayer
Baker, Marilyn, 1985 Sealed
Bakker, Jim & Tammy & Their Friends - Building On The Rock: Songs & Stories by Jim & Tammy & Their Friends, 1975
Bakker, Jim & Tammy & Their Friends - Clap Your Hands: Songs & Stories by Jim & Tammy & Their Friends, 1977
Bakker, Jim & Tammy & Their Friends - Oops! There Comes A Smile: Songs & Stories by Jim & Tammy & Their Friends, 1975
Bakker, Tammy Faye - Enough Is Enough, 1986
Bakker, Tammy Faye - In The Upper Room, 1984
Bakker, Tammy Faye - We're Blest, 1979
Bakker, Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker present - The PTL Musical Family, 1981
Bakker, Tammy Faye - Enough Is Enough, 1986 Sealed, 12" Single
Bakker, Tammy Faye - Sings PTL Club Favorites, 1977
Bakker, Tammy Faye - Sings The Old Hymns, 1982
Bakker, Tammy Faye - The Lord's On My Side (Psalm 124:2), 1980
Bakker, Tammy Faye - You Can Make It!, 1982
Barclay, Rue (with Instrumental Ensemble) - Country & Folk Gospel Songs
Barnett, Les - The Favorite Twelve: The World's Most Honored Hymns, Inspired Organ Solos
Barrows, Cliff and the Gang - Everybody Sings!
Barry, Bob - In My Life, Sealed
Bartlett, Gene and the YoungChurch Singers - All Day Singin' with Dinner on the Ground, 1978
Bash -N- The Code - Diamond & Testify, 1986, 12" Single
Basics, The - Let's Get Back To The Basics (To Love, Share, Pray and Care)
Basics, The - Rise Again, (ASM-430)
Beatenbo, Charlie Singers - Coming Your Way, 1986
Becker, Margaret - Never For Nothing, 1987, 12" Single
Becker, Margaret - The Reckoning, 1988 Sealed
Belafonte, Harry - My Lord What A Mornin', 1960
Benward, Jeoff - Jeoff Benward, 1985, (Communication Records)
Beveridge, Peter - Grinding Wheel, 1983 Sealed
Beverly Shea, George, (featuring 'If I Can Help Somebody', 'Roll Jordan Roll', and others), 1960, 2 copies
Beverly Shea, George - The Lord Is My Shepherd, 1962
Beverly Shea, George - The Love Of God, 1959
Bjork, Sven - Tenor with Lorin Whitney (organ) and Rudy Atwood (piano)
Blackwood Brothers - Featuring Cecil Blackwood
Blackwood Brothers - His Amazing Love, 1978
Blackwood Brothers Quartet - Jesus Let Me Write You A Song, 1977
Blackwood Brothers Quartet - Just A Closer Walk With Thee, 1969
Blackwood Brothers Quartet - The Best of The Blackwood Brothers Quartet Volume 2, 1967, worn
Blackwood, Cecil - Songs You Requested
Blackwoods - Create The Demand, 1975
Blue Ridge Quartet - America's Twelve Favorite Hymns
Blue Ridge Quartet - He Cares For You
Bob Jones University Choirs And Orchestra - Strong In Salvation
Boone, Debby - Choose Life, 1985
Boone, Pat and the First Nashville Jesus Band - Pat Boone and the First Nashville Jesus Band
Boone, Pat - What I Believe, 1984
Born Again: 20 Most Loved Songs Of Faith & Inspiration
Boyer, Dave - Just Because I Asked, 1974
Boyd, Wesley - Workshop Choir, 1984 Sealed
Bradway, Bill & Jean - Gospel Hawaiianaires
Bridge - Arise My Soul Arise, 1981
Bridges - I'm Not A Sinner Anymore, 1976
Bridges - In The Sky, 1977
Browns - Sing Songs From The Little Brown Church Hymnal (featuring Jim Edward Brown), 1962
Brush Arbor Meeting, The - For An Old-Fashioned Sunday, arranged by Gene Bartlett, 1981
Bryant, Anita - Abiding Love, 1962
Burger, Anthony - Piano Classics (featuring the Old Ship Of Zion), 1983
Burton, Wendell - Closer
Burton, Wendell - Heart Of Eternity
Butler, Carl and Pearl - Avenue Of Prayer
Butler, Reverend John A. - Truth & Life, 1988 Sealed
Buxtons, The - "Brand New", 1986
Caesar, Shirley - Go, 1981
Cam Floria's Continentals - Come Praise And Bless The Lord, 1979
Cameron, Philip - The Story & The Song, 1984 Sealed
Camerons - Unity, 1981
Camp, Steve - For Every Man, 1981, Radio Copy
Card, Michael - First Light, 1981
Carle, Bill - Of God I Sing, 1958
Carlson, Pete - Child Of The Heavenly, 1984
Carlson, Pete - Child Of The Heavenly, 1984 Sealed
Carmichael, Ralph - The Restless Ones and other Ralph Carmichael songs
Carmichael, Ralph Chorus - Sing With Us Volume 1
Carmichael, Ralph - The Apostle: A Musical Witness Of The Life Of The Apostle Paul, (by Cam Floria), 1973
Carroll, Don - The Most Necessary Touch, 1982 Sealed
Carson, Martha - This Old House And Other Gospel Favorites
Carson, Paul - Favorite Gospel Songs Volume 1 (At the Pipe Organ)
Cathedral Quartet - For Keeps, 1975, 2 copies
Cathedral Quartet - Sunshine & Roses, 1978 (some visible scratches)
Cathedral Quartet - You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet!, 1979, 2 copies
Cathedrals - Smoth As Silk, (two visible scratches)
Christmas Hymns and Spirituals by the Mennonite Hour A Cappella Choral Groups
Cheerful Anthems Male Chorus - All Glory To Jesus (Paul H Metzler, Director), 1975
Cheerful Anthems Male Chorus And Quartet - Cheerful Anthems
Chapman, Morris - The Artist, 1986
Chapman, Steve & Annie - Guest Of Honor, 1987
Cheltenham Orchestra And Chorus - Music from the George Stevens production of "The Greatest Story Ever Told", 1964
Choraleers - A Time To Sing, (Arnold Moshier, Director)
Choraleers - An Oasis In the Desert, (from Lancaster, PA)
Choraleers - I Believe In The Sun, 1979, (Arnold Moshier, Director)
Choraleers - Lord Take This Hand, (Arnold Moshier, Director)
Choraleers - When Thou Walkest
Christian, Chris - Higher Ways, 1987
Christian Faith Anthology Volume 3, featuring Evangelical Festivals Choir, Old Fashioned Revival Hour Choir, and more
Christian Troubadours - Down Home Gospel
Christian Troubadours - Something For Everybody
Christian Troubadours - This Is Gospel Country
Chuck Wagon Gang - Christmas With The Chuck Wagon Gang
Chuck Wagon Gang - Let's All Praise The Lord
Chuck Wagon Gang - Revival Time
Church In The Wildwood (featuring music from Louvin Brothers, Sonny James, Statesmen Quartet, Jordanaires and more)
Church Recreation Specialties - Aerobirhythms, 1983
Churchmen & Teresa - Step Along
Churchmen Quartet - Down By The Riverside
Churchmen Quartet - Gospel Time With The Churchmen
Churchmen Quartet - His Name Is Wonderful, 2 copies
Churchmen Quartet - Old Time Religion, 2 copies
Churchmen Quartet - Sing God Bless You Go With God
Churchmen Quartet - The Churchmen Quartet In Concert
Clark, Jack - The Sword And The Steinway
Clark, Mildred & The Melodyaires - I'm Gonna Serve Him, 1989 Sealed
Clark, Paul - Out Of The Shadow, 1984
Clawson, Cynthia - Finest Hour, 1981
Clawson, Cynthia - Hymnsinger, 1988
Clawson, Cynthia - It Was His Love, 1979
Clawson, Cynthia - You're Welcome Here, 1980
Cleda & The Colemans - Hearts Of Love, 1983
Clemmer, Joseph (conductor) - Some Bright Morning Volume Thirteen, 2 copies
Click, D. Dee - Lonely Hearts Need Love, 1983 Sealed
Cole Family Singers - The Judgement Day, 1985 Sealed
Command Performance - A Tribute To Lee Roy Abernathy (features Rex Nelon Singers, Kingsmen, Speer Family, and more), 1983
Concords - Just For Openers!, 1983, Sealed
Concords - Just For Openers!, 1983
Continentals - Come Bless The Lord, (directed by Cam Floria), 1977
Cooke Brothers - Welcome Home Son
Cookes, The Singing - Going On With Jesus Just The Same, 3 copies
Cookes, The Singing - He Rows Me Over The Tide
Cookes, The Singing - Live, 1980
Cookes, The Singing - On Ahead Is Gloryland
Cookes, The Singing - The Singing Cookes, Record number 43364
Cookes, The Singing - We've Got To Move Out
Cooley, Haskell - A Meeting With God, (by Haskell Cooley, Pianist), 1975
Cooley, Haskell - "Jesus, The Piano, And Me", 1977
Cooper, Roger - I'm Finally Ready, 1983 Sealed
Copeland, Kenneth - He Is Jehovah, 1981
Correll, Denny - How Will They Know, 1980
Correll, Denny - Something I Believe In, 1982
Couriers Quartet - Dedicated To The Hymns, 1962
Couriers - Sing Unto The Lord
Couriers - Sing With Us, 1974
Couriers - Statue Of Liberty, 1974, 3 copies
Cotter, Brad - Singing Easy, 1983 Sealed
Country Gospel Singers - Behold I Come Quickly (Rev. 22:7)
Couriers - Coming & Going
Couriers - Kinda Country, 1975
Covenant - We've Got The Spirit, 2 copies
Crawford, Jesse and Botticelli - Organ & Chimes At Christmas
Crockett, Billy - 41 Lawnmowers, 1986, 12" Single
Crockett, Billy - Carrier, 1984 Sealed
Cromer, Tony and Crosswinds, 1980
Crossroads - Make Your Decision, 1984
Crouch, Andrae and the Disciples - This Is Another Day, 1976, Radio Copy
Crow, Robin - Seven Seventy-Seven, 1985
Crusaders Quartet - Singing For Jesus
Cruse Family - Faith, 1977
Cruse Family - For Every Heart, 1981
Cruse Family - Harmony, 1980
Cruse Family - Heaven Bound, 1976 (cover written on)
Cua, Rick - You're My Road, Sealed
Cull, Bob & Joy - Windborne, 1979
Culverwell, Andrew - Alive! Again, 1982
Culverwell, Andrew - Born (Again), 1975
Culverwell, Andrew - Everyday, 1980
Culverwell, Andrew - Andrew, 1973
The Mass Inter-Racial Choir - CURE: The Christian Answer To Today's Social Problems, 1967
Daniels, Tim - A Vision Beyond, 1985
Daniels, Tim - A Vision Beyond, 1985 Sealed
Darrell Mansfield Band - The Vision, 1983 Sealed
David And The Giants - Under Control, 1985
Davis, Jimmie - Beyond The Shadows, (DL 4376)
Davis, Jimmie - Highway To Heaven, (DL 4432)
Davis, Jimmie - Let Me Walk With Jesus
Davis, Jimmie - Live!, 1976
Davis, Jimmie - Singing The Gospel
Davis, Jimmie - Someone Watching Over You, (with The Plainsmen)
Davis, Jimmie - Sweet Hour Of Prayer
Davis, Jimmie - This One's For You, 1983
Davis, Jimmie and the Jimmie Davis Singers - Immortal Songs, 1980
Davis, Jimmie with the Anita Kerr Singers - Hail Him With A Song (DL 8786)
Davis Family - Feelin' Good
Davis Singers (The Famous) - Singing (includes "Twelve Gates To The City", "He'll Understand" and more), (Savoy Records)
Degarmo & Key - Commander Sozo & The Charge Of The Light Brigade, 1985
Delaine, 1980 Sealed
Delaine - You're Something Special, 1983
DeLawder Family - A Taste Of Family Love
Derricks, Reverend Cleavant and Family - Just A Little Talk With Jesus, 1975
Derricks, Reverend Cleavant and Family - Satisfaction Guaranteed, 1976
DeSario, Teri - A Call To Us All, 1983 Sealed
DeSario, Teri - A Call To Us All, 1983
DeSario, Teri - Tapestry (single song), 1985
DeSario, Teri - Voices In The Wind, 1985
Dickens, Little Jimmy - Alone With God (HL 7326)
Dickens, Little Jimmy with the Blue Ridge Quartet - Hymns Of The Hour featuring "Raggedy Ann", 1975
Diller Family - The Diller Family
Dino - My Tribute: Dino At The Piano, 1975
Dino - Rush Hour, 1980
DMB Band - Streetwise, 1985
Dixie Echoes - Coast To Coast, 1979
Dixie Echoes - Come On In, 1977
Dixie Echoes Quartet (featuring Hal Kennedy) - Echoing!
Dixie Echoes - Feeling Good, 1984, 2 copies
Dixie Echoes and Hal Kennedy - Coming On Strong
Dixie Melody Boys - Alive!
Dixie Melody Boys - Favorite Hymns, 2 copies
Dixie Melody Boys - Lord Don't Move That Mountain
Dogwood - Ordinary Man, 1979
Dooley Family - Each Step Of The Way (with the Darol Rice orchestra)
Dorsey, Willa - I Can Sing About My Jesus, 1973
Dorsey, Willa - Perhaps Today
Dorsey, Willa - The World's Most Exciting Gospel Singer
Dorsey, Willa - You Stand Tall
Downing, Paul - Narrates In The Beginning God
Downings - Birthplace, 1977
Downings - Great Gospel Songs
Downings - Greater, 1973
Downings - Spiritfest, 1976
Drake, Pete - Steel Away, (steel guitarist)
Driscoll, Phil - Celebrate Freedom, 1984
Driscoll, Phil - What Kind Of Love, 1982
Driscoll, Phil - Power Of Praise, 1985
Duke, Roby - Come Let Us Reason, 1984
Dunham, Gary - Happy Family, 1980
Dunlap, Don & Faith - Follow The Master Plan, Sealed
Duron, Denny, 1978
Duron, Denny & DeAnza - Come A Little Closer
Duron, Denny - The Winner, 1979
Eareckson Tada, Joni - Spirit Wings, 1982
Eastmen - Authentic Gospel
Eastmen - Heartland Gospel
Eastmen - In Living Gospel, 1973
Eastmen - More Than Just Music
Eastmen - On Stage & In Session
Eastmen - Revival Is Here
Eastmen - Sunday Morning
Eastmen - The Good Life
Eastmen - The Lords Prayer
Eastmen - This Is Gospel, 1974
Eastmen Family - Listen With Your Heart, Sealed
Eastmen Family - Satisfied, 2 copies
Eastmen Gospel Quartet - The Greatest Mystery, 2 copies
Eastmen Quartet - Accent On Variety
Eastmen Quartet - Singing Your Favorites
Eastmen Quartet - Village Chapel Favorites
Edwards, David - Get The Picture, 1983 Sealed
Elim Hall - Things Break, 1986 Sealed
Ellason - Follow Me, 1983 Sealed
England, Wes Family - Touched By The Nail Scarred Hand
English, Joe - Press On, 1983 Sealed
English Band, Joe - Live, 1984
English Band - What You Need, 1985 Sealed
Eric & Rosalinde - We Are One, 1983 Sealed
Estep, Marian - Come And Dine
Eubanks, Ken - Choice Cuts, Sealed
Evangelettes Trio - For The Children, accompanied by Les Barnett
Evangelical Festivals Choir - Christmas Carols, director John Lundberg, arranger Ralph Carmichael
Evans, Mack - Beyond The Gates
Evans, Mack - Great Songs Of Praise, (appears to be autographed)
Evans, Mack - Just For Fun
Evans, Mack - Thanks To Calvary
Evans, Mack - The Sounds Of Liberty, 1980, 2 copies
Evans, Mack with the Sounds Of Liberty - Coming Forth With Singing
Evie - Hymns, 1983, 2 copies
Father Lift Me Up: Expressions For His Presence, 1980
Felix, James - White As Snow, 1980
Field, Paul - Building Bridges, 1985 Sealed
Field, Paul - Restless Heart, 1983 Sealed
Fight The Fight: Rescue The Unborn, 1985 Sealed
Finney, Shirley - Pray Again, 1979
Fireworks, 1977
Fischer, John - Between The Answers, 1985 Sealed
Flatt, Lester and Earl Scruggs with the Soggy Mountain Boys - Songs of Glory
Flatt, Lester and Earl Scruggs - When The Saints Go Marching In
Flatt, Lester and the Nashville Grass - Flatt Gospel, 1975
Fletcher, Amy - By Invitation Only, 1984
Florida Boys - Movin' On Up, 1980
Florida Boys - Reaching Out, 1984
Florida Boys - Sing About A New Day, 1978, (CAS-9837)
Florida Boys - Solid Gospel by the Florida Boys, 1972
Florida Boys - The Many Moods Of The Florida Boys, 2 copies
Florida Boys - Treasures, 1982
Florida Boys - True Gospel, 1974
Ford, Tennessee Ernie and the Jordanaires - Great Gospel Songs
Ford, Tennessee Ernie - Sing A Hymn With Me, (No Cardboard Cover)
Ford, Tennessee Ernie and the Jordanaires - Swing Wide Your Golden Gate, 1978
Ford, Tennessee Ernie - Hymns
Ford, Tennessee Ernie - Nearer The Cross, 2 copies
Ford, Tennessee Ernie - There's A Song In My Heart, 1982
Fountain, Clarence - Leave Them There, 1988 Sealed
Fountain, Clarence & The Five Blind Boys - Changed Man, 1989 Sealed
Four Galileans - Make It Happen, (CAS-9683-LP)
Four In Christ Quartet - A Touch Of Class
Fowler, Wally - A Tribute To Mother (with the Stamps Quartet and the Sego Brothers And Naomi)
Fowler, Wally and the Oak Ridge Quartet - You Will Reap Just What You Sow
Fowlers - On The Glory Road
Fowlers - Songs Of Our Fathers
Fox Brothers - Aeroplane, 1983
Fox Brothers - Jesus Was A Country Man, 1980
Franzak, Tom - Shadowboxing, 1985 Sealed
Franzak, Tom - Walk That Talk, 1983 Sealed
Friend, Dwayne - Mr. Gospel Guitar
From Pit To Palace, 1979
Frost Brothers - Country Flavored Gospel Hits
Fuller Seminary 10 O'clock Tuesday Thru Friday Student Body Chapel Choir Singing Joyfully, 1973
Fuller Seminary Chapel Choir - Sing Praise To God, 1975
Furay, Richie - Seasons Of Change, 1982, Radio Copy
Gabriels - The Gabriels (featuring "I'll See You In The Rapture")
Gaither, Bill Trio - Especially For Children (of all ages!), 1973
Gaither, Bill Trio - Fully Alive In His Spirit, 1983, 2 copies
Gaither, Bill Trio - Then He Said "Sing!", 1985
Gaither, Bill Trio - Welcome Back Home, 1987, 2 copies
Gaither Vocal Band - Passin' The Faith Along, 1983
Gaither Vocal Band - Passin' The Faith Along, 1983 Sealed
Gaither Vocal Band - The New Gaither Vocal Band, 1981 (two songs skip when played)
Gardner, Steve and Maria - Give Them All To Jesus, 1977
Gardner, Steve and Maria - Mandy's Song
Gardner, Steve and Maria - Words Of Hope
Garrett, Glenn - Back Where Love Begins, 1984
Georgia - Totally Yours, 2 copies
Gibble Family - Born To Serve The Lord
Gibson, Don - No One Stands Alone, 1959
Girard, Chuck - The Stand, 1980
God's Countrymen - It's Grand Singing Gospel, 1984
Goff, Jerry - In A Singing Mood
Goffs, Jerry & The - Personally Yours, 3 copies
Goffs, The Singing - Live Here Tonite, 2 copies
Good Ol' Gospel Music (featuring Happy Goodman Family, Florida Boys, Thrasher Brothers, Inspirations, and more), 1978, 2 copies
Goodman, Tanya - More Than A Dream, 1983
Gordon, Anna (of the Chuck Wagon Gang) - Anna Gordon Sings Country Gospel Favorites
Gospel Brass - The Gospel Brass plays Southern Gospel, 1985
Gospel Echoes Revival Team - Blow Ye The Trumpet
Gospel Echoes Revival Team - First Love
Gospel Express - He's The Rock I'm Leaning On, 1984
Gospel Express Evangelistic Team - Just Over Yonder "In Dedication"
Gospel Express Evangelistic Team - We Have This Moment, 1987
Gospel III with Alvis - Home Again, 1972
Gospel Hour - Christmas Joy from The Gospel Hour (Directed by Dr. Oliver B Greene), 2 copies
Gospel Hour Favorites Volume 2: Hymns From The Gospel Hour Programs (Directed by Dr. Oliver B Greene), 3 copies
Gospel Hour - Inspirational Favorites from Coast To Coast as heard on the Gospel Hour (hymns from Gospel Hour programs), TH68221
Gospel Hour Inspirational Favorites Volume 1: Selected Hymns From The Gospel Hour Programs
Gospel Mariners - The Gospel Mariners
Gospel Mariners - The New Sound Of The Mariners Quartet (comes inside the wrong LP cover)
Gospel Music Association - Gospel '73: The Gospel Music Assocation Dove Award Nominations For The Gospel Song Of 1973
Gospel Music Association Presents: Rejoicing - with Dove Award Winners & Nominees (featuring Amy Grant, Larnelle Harris, Hemphills, and more), 1986
Gospel Music Association's Top Ten For 1974, (featuring Speer Family, Downings, Florida Boys, Blackwood Brothers and more), 1974
Gospel Music Association's Top Ten Songs For 1975, (featuring Doug Oldham and the Speers, Goodmans, Lefevres and more), 1975
Gospel Music Association - Top Ten Songs Of 1979, 1980
Gospelaires - Rainbow Of Love
Gospelaires - My Saviour's Love
Gospelaires - Until He Comes, 1983
Gospel's Top 20: The All-Time Favorites (featuring Johnny Cash, Roy Acuff, Hank Williams, and more), 1979
Gould, Kevin - True Stories by Kevin Gould, 1976, Radio Copy
Graham, Billy International Crusade Choirs, 1973
Great Christian Artists - A Treasury Of Sacred Music, 1975
Green, Al - He Is The Light, 1985
Green, Al - Higher Plane, 1981, Radio Copy
Green, Keith - For Him Who Has Ears To Hear, 1977
Green, Keith - I Only Want To See You There, 1983, Radio Copy
Green, Keith - Songs For The Shepherd, 1982
Green, Keith - The Prodigal Son, 1983
Greene, Buddy - Buddy Greene, (Refuge Records/Fortress Records), 1986
Greene, Buddy - Praise Harmonica, 1987
Singing Greenes - Greenhouse, 1984, 2 copies
Gregory, Barry - Premiere Issue, 1983
Grein, Janny - The Best Of Janny, 1980, Radio Copy
Hale, Robert & Dean Wilder - Rise Up O Men Of God, (with the Singing Churchmen, organ and orchestra), 1974
Hall, Big John of the Blackwood Brothers
Hall, Big John - Portrait In Sound
Hall, Big John & Theta - Big John and Theta Hall Sing
Hall, Pam Mark - Supply And Demand, 1984 Sealed
Hamilton, George - Hymns Country Style, 1985
Hamilton, George IV - Bluegrass Gospel, 1974
Hargis, Billy James with Lorin Whitney - Songs And Sayings Of Billy James Hargis
Harmenaires Quartet - Counting Every Mile
Harper, Redd sings with Bob Summers and his guitar
Harper, Redd - I'm Following Jesus
Harrington, Bob - Bob and Ron: Fishers Of Men
Harrington, Bob - How I Know I'm Saved
Harrington, Bob - It's Fun Being Saved
Harrington, Bob - The Second Coming Of Christ
Harrington, Bob - Youth In America, recorded live at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA
Harrison, Tom - A Beginning, Sealed
Harrison, Tom - Growing, 1982 Sealed
Haven Of Rest Quartet - Crew Of The Good Ship Grace
Haven Of Rest Quartet - It May Be Today!
Hawaiians - The Hawaiians, 1973
Hawk, Tommy - He's Got The Whole World, 1979 Sealed
Hawkins, Tramaine - Tramaine, 1979 Radio Copy
Hazelbaker, Larry - Let It Rain, 1981 Sealed
Hazelbaker, Larry - Victory, Sealed
He Touched Me: The Greatest Hits Ever Recorded, (featuring Bill Gaither Trio, Doug Oldham and more), cover ripped, 2-LP Set, 1978
Heard, Mark - Eye Of The Storm, 1983 Sealed
Heard, Mark - Ashes And Light, 1984 Sealed
Hearne, Lindy - Vessel Of Love, 1982
Hearne, Lindy - Vessel Of Love, 1982 Sealed
Heaps, Porter - The Beautiful Garden Of Prayer: Porter Heaps At the Pipe Organ
Heaven Bound - Born A King: A Christmas Story, 1984
Heaven Bound - Genuine, 1982
Heaven Bound - Just No Stopping Us Now, 1987
Heaven Bound - Revived, 1986, 2 copies
Heaven Bound - Thinkin' 'Bout Home
Heaven Bound - We Are Those Children, 1981
Heaven Connection - Get In Touch With The World, 1979
Hemphills - Excited!, 1985, 2 copies
Hemphills - I Can Smile, 1986
Hemphills - Revival, 1987, 2 copies
Hemphills - Without A Doubt, 1976
Hemphills - Workin' (featuring "He's Still Working On Me"), 1980
Heralds - All In The Name Of Jesus, 1977
Herring, Annie - Search Deep Inside, 1981, Radio Copy
Hershey, Marlene - Hearty Hearthside Hymns (Variated Organ, Piano, and Vocal Stylings by Marlene Hershey)
Hershey, Marlene - Joyful Gospel Gems (Sacred Organ Piano and Vocal Selections)
Hiner, Robbie - Live At Lynchburg (in concert at the Thomas Road Baptist Church), 1978
Hinsons - Hinson Christmas, 1983
His Instruments - He Is Exalted, 1983
His Instruments - Step Into The Light, 1981, 2 copies
Hockensmith, Hadley - Heartsongs, 1986
Hodges, Sharon - Plays A Medley Of Favorites From The Richard Hogue Crusades, (DRP 7346)
Holcomb, Jack - Dearest To My Heart
Holcomb, Jack - In Times Like These (with Lorin Whitney at organ and Charles Magnuson at piano)
Honeytree - Honeytree, (Myrrh Records/Word)
Hope, The - Haven of Rest, 1978
Hopkins, Wendy and the Backyard Gang - Come On Over To My Own Backyard!, 1985 Sealed
Hopper, Connie - Sounds Of The Times
Hoppers - Come To The Wedding, 1982
Hoppers - I Know What Lies Ahead, 1984
Hoppers - Think On The Good Things, 1983
Humbard, Liz - Liz Humbard
Humbard, Maude Aimee - Sings Her Favorite Gospel Songs
Humbard, Rex and the Cathedral of Tomorrow Staff - Rex Humbard's Christmas Album Volume 2
Humbard, Rex and the Cathedral Singers in the Holy Land
Humbard, Rex and the TV Ministry Music Staff - Ten Favorite Hymns
Humbard, Rex & the World Outreach Ministry Staff - Christmas Greetings
Humbard, Rex Singers - What A Wonderful Feeling!
Hutchinson, Herb & Edi - By His Word, 1982 Sealed
Hymns You Love: Eighteen Favorite Hymns By America's Most Famous Singers
Imperials - A Thing Called Love, 1973
Imperials - Believe It
Imperials - Heed The Call, 1979
Imperials - One More Song For You, 1979
Imperials - Priority, 1980
Imperials - The Very Best of The Imperials, 1981
Inman, Autry - Country Gospel: Spirituals - Hymns
Ives, Burl - How Great Thou Art (arranged and conducted by Kurt Kaiser)
Ives, Burl - I Do Believe
Ives, Burl - The World Vision Korean Orphan Choir sing of Faith and Joy
Jackson, Karen - And Now I'm Born Again, 1983
Jackson, Mahalia - Sings The Best-Loved Hymns of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr
Jackson, Mahalia - The Power And The Glory
Jackson, Stonewall - The Old Country Church
Jackson, Wanda - Make Me Like A Child Again, 1975
Jahr, Alan - As He Leads (Orchestra arranged and conducted by Ronn Huff)
James Smith Family - True Southern Style, 1984 Sealed
Janny - He Made Me Worthy, 1978
Janny - Covenant Woman, 1977
Janny - Free Indeed, 1976
Janny - Think On These Things, 1979
Jean, Norma - Heaven's Just A Prayer Away, 1968
Jericho Singers - Something To Sing About, Sealed
Jenkins, Doug & Bonnie - Lift Up Your Voice, 1983 Sealed
Jensen, Gordon - Just In Time, 1983
Jeter, Genobia - Heaven, 1979
Johnson, Betty - Hymns At Eventide
Johnson, Bob & Jeanne - We Have This Moment, 1984
Johnson, Don - Admiration, 1981
Johnson, Don - Naturally, 1982
Johnson, Don - The Soul Of Don Johnson, 1978
Johnson, Fred - Soul & Spirit, 1981
Johnson, Phil & Kim Perry - U No Who, 1985 Sealed, 10 copies
Johnson, Suzanne - Come... Praise The Lord, 1973
Johnson, Windy & The Messengers - Mama, 1973
Johnson, Windy & The Messengers - When Jesus Comes In The Clouds, 1974
Johnson Family Singers - Sing Hymns with the Johnson Family Singers, (contains printed music for songs)
Jones, Jimmy (Baritone Of The LeFevres) - Poetry Corner
Joseph, Cedric - Praise To Victory, Sealed
Joyful Sound Choir - The Joyful Sound (directed by H. Leland Green)
Joyful Sound Singers - Great Is Thy Faithfulness
Joyful Strings - Songs Of Faith
Just For You, (featuring Downings, Lanny Wolfe, Hemphills, Imperials, Dallas Holm, and more), 1976
Kathryn Kuhlman Choir - Songs Kathryn Kuhlman Loved, 1976
Kelly, Bill - A Very Special Grace, 1982 Sealed
Kennedy, Hal - Gospel Songs The Country Way
Kerrwood Choraliers - From The Halls Of Westmont (Arrangements and Direction by John Lundberg)
Kerstetter Family - Talkin' About Heaven, 1983, 3 copies
Kerstetter Family - We've Got A Song To Sing, featuring "Calvary", 1985, 2 copies
Kilgore & Kompany - I Just Have To Believe
King Family - Christmas With The King Family, with the Alvino Rey Orchestra
King, George - Restored, 1985 Sealed
King's Country Men - Someone Up In Heaven, (Bluegrass Gospel Quartet)
King's Messengers - The Old-Fashioned Gospel In Song
Kings Keynotes - Kings Keynotes, (No Photo Cover)
Kings Keynotes - Heaven On My Mind
Kingsboys - Do A Man Sized Job, 1982
Kingsboys - Holding On, 1985, 2 copies
Kingsmen - Better In Person, 1985
Kingsmen - Chartbreakers Volume 4
Kingsmen - Chattanooga Live (cover worn and marked), 1977
Kingsmen - From Out Of The Past, 1979, 2 copies
Kingsmen - It's Time To Ring The Bell
Kingsmen - Just A Little Closer Home, 1977
Kingsmen - Just Plain Singin'
Kingsmen - Kingsmen Silver, 1984
Kingsmen - Ring The Bells Of Freedom, 1980
Kingsmen - Silver, 1984
Kingsmen - Stand Up At Opryland USA, 1986
Kingsmen - The Old and The New (with Jim Hamill and Squire Parsons)
Kingsmen - With Johnny Parrack Out Front
Koinonia - More Than A Feelin', 1983, Radio Copy
Lamb - New Mix, 1981, Radio Copy
Landmark Choir - 'Til The Storm Passes By (featuring Herb Rawlings, soloist)(version one)
Landmark Choir - 'Til The Storm Passes By (featuring Herb Rawlings, soloist)(version two)
Landmark Singers - Ring The Bells
Landmark Quartet - Close To The Master
Landmark Quartet - God's Amazing Grace
Landmark Quartet - Heaven Came Down
Landmark Quartet - Individually
Landmark Quartet - Landmarks In Music (featuring "The Old Country Church")
Landmark Quartet - Palms Of Victory
Lane, Penni - Affairs Love And Faith Of Women In The Bible
Latinos - It Must Be Love, 1981
Laymen Singers - The First Easter, (directed by Ralph Carmichael)
LBC Chorale - Jerry Falwell presents The LBC Chorale (featuring "One Day Too Late"), 1975
Lee, J.J. - Make Me A Rainbow, 1979
Lee, Wilma & Stoney Cooper - Family Favorites (featuring the Clinch Mountain Clan)
Lee, Wilma and Stoney Cooper - Sacred Songs
Lee, Wilma & Stoney Cooper - Songs Of Inspiration
LeFevres - Play Gospel Music!
LeFevres - Songs Of Happiness
Leibert, Dick - The Sound Of Christmas On The Radio City Music Hall Organ, 1962
Lesters - Ain't God Good, 1979, (torn cover)
Lesters - Legacy, 2 copies
Lewis, Little Roy - The Best Of Little Roy Lewis, 1985
Lewis Family - Lewis Country
Lewis Family - The Lewis Family Sing In Gospel Country
Liberty Singers - Liberty: A Musical Celebration Of Freedom, 1986 Sealed, 2 Copies
Limpic And Rayburn - Gerry Limpic & Mark Rayburn with Dave Pollard, 1976, Radio Copy
Little Christopher Darling - Please Don't Tell My Daddy (That Jesus Isn't Real), Sealed
Louvin Brothers - Christmas With The Louvin Brothers, 3 copies
Louvin Brothers - Thank God For My Christian Home
Lundstrom Team - Running Free!
Lundstroms - Livin' Happy, 1974
Lundstroms - Movin' Thru Dakota Country
Lundstroms - (Television Special) Travelin' With The Lundstroms, 1973, (mailer jacket torn on side)(a few scratches)
Lynchburg Baptist College Chorale - I Am Thankful To Be An American, (mailer jacket open at top) Mack, Warner and his sister Dean - Songs We Sang In Church And Home (featuring the Hallmarks)
Maddox Brothers And Rose - A Collection Of Standard Sacred Songs
Maddox Brothers And Rose - Praise The Lord
Maddox, Rose - Precious Memories
Malcolm And The Mirrors - Red Alert, 1982 Sealed
Manheim Area Chorus - A Beautiful Life
Manheim Area Chorus - Come To The Manger
Manheim Area Chorus - The Pearly-White City, (Mervin L Weaver, Director)
Maranatha Music - Down Home Praise, 1983, 2 copies
Maranatha Music - Ever Call Ready, 1985
Maranatha Music - Gospel Cannonball: 10 Cowboy Spirituals
Maranatha Music - Let The World Rejoice: A Musical Celebration Of Christmas, 1984
Maranatha Music - Praise 4: In His Time, 1980
Maranatha Music - Praise 4: In His Time, 1980, Radio Copy
Maranatha Music - Praise 5: It's Time To Praise The Lord, 1981
Maranatha Music - Praise 6: Come And Sing Praises, 1982
Maranatha Music - Praise Strings 3, 1979
Maranatha Music - The Best Of Praise Strings, 1983
Maranatha Music - The Praise Album, 1974
Maranatha Singers - Abba! 18 Songs To The Father, 1988
Maranatha Singers - Maranatha Marathon, 1979
Maranatha Singers - Psalms Alive!, 1983
Maranatha Singers - The Best Of Praise, 1981 Sealed
Marks, Kenny - Follow Him, 1982
Marks, Kenny - Make It Right, 1987
Marks, Kenny - Right Where You Are, 1984 Sealed
Marks, Kenny - Soul Reviver, 1985, 12" Single
Martin, David - Stronger Than The Weight, 1985 Sealed
Martin, Jimmy - This World Is Not My Home, (recorded with The Sunny Mountain Boys)
Martin, Jimmy and the Sunny Mountain Boys - Singing All Day And Dinner On The Ground
Massey, Barbara - A New Direction, Sealed
Mathews, John and Family - The Rebels Present John Mathews and Family
Matthews, Jim, M.D. - Both Sides Now from The Singing Surgeon, Sealed
Matthews, Lorne - Distinctive Gospel Styles, (piano)
Matthews, Lorne & Jimmie Ruth - Piano & Organ Melodies
Matthews, Randy - The Best Of Randy Matthews, 1976, Radio Copy
Matthews Brothers - Herb Hoover and Bob Anderson, (W3010-LP)
McAfee, Terry - Would It Be Okay?, Sealed
McDonald, Jim - Land Of Broken Dreams, 1984 Sealed
McDuff, Roger - My Tribute
McGill, Alan - The Way Of The Cross
McGill, Alan - The Best Of
McHugh, Phill - In Heaven's Eyes, 1986
McKee, Bill - Harley Farley Charley & Clod
McKeithens and friends - Something Better Than Gold
McReynolds, Jim and Jesse - Country and Western Sacred Songs With Strings
McReynolds, Jim and Jesse - Sing "Country And Western Songs Of Faith" with the Sweet Mountain Boys
Medema, Ken - Kingdom In The Streets, 1980
Medema, Ken - Lookin' Back, 1980
Meece, David - Are You Ready?, 1980
Meece, David - Count The Cost, 1983
Meece, David - Front Row, 1982
Meet Me In Canaanland! (featuring Happy Goodman Family, Florida Boys, Cathedral Quartet, and more), 1972
Mercy River Boys - In The Arms Of My Best Friend, 1982
Miner, Tim - Tim Miner, 1984
Minutemen Quartet - America
Monroe, Bill and his Blue Grass Boys - I'll Meet You In Church Sunday Morning
Montgomery, Melba - Hallelujah Road (sacred songs)
Mountain Anthems Mixed Chorus - Lord Jesus Come
Mountain Anthems Mixed Chorus - Where No One Stands Alone
Muldaur, Maria - There Is A Love, 1982, Radio Copy
Murdock, Mike - You Can Make It (featuring "I Am Blessed"), 1982
Neighborhood Church...presents - The Cathedral Choralaires and Orchestra
Nelon, Kelly Thompson - Called By Love, 1988
Nelon, Kelly Thompson - Praise Him Now, 1985
Nelon, Rex Singers - We Shall Behold The King, 1983
Nelons - Get Ready, 1988, 2 copies
Nelons - In One Accord, 1985, 2 copies
Nelons - Journeys, 1986
Nelons - Thanks, 1987
New Creation Singers - The Lord Lives: Singing The Scripture
New Creations, The - Goin' With Jesus, 2 copies
New Creations, The - Praise The Lord...Now!
New Creations, The - Reflections Of Our Faith
New Life Quartet - Purchased There At Calvary
New Life Quartet - Sings About The Good Times
Newby, Shirley - Behold The Man, Sealed
Newsong - Trophies Of Grace, 1986
Newton, Wayne - Only Believe, 1972
Nicholson, Duane - Peace In the Midst Of The Storm, 1981
Norheim, Pastor R. and Joe Erickson - Vocal Solos and Duets
Norheim, Pastor R. and Joe Erickson - Vocal Solos and Duets Volume 2
Norman, Don - Sings Jerry Falwell's Favorite Songs, 1978
Norman, Don - Sings Jerry Falwell's Favorite Songs, 1978, (scratches on side two)
Northbound - Northbound, 1983 Sealed
Northlanders, The - Sacred Songs by the Northlanders Of Sweden
Nottingham Four - He Knows What I Need, 1982
Nottingham Four Quartet - Something Happened On That Mountain, 1981
Nye Family Singers - A Wonderful Feeling
O Magnify The Lord: A Christmas Service Of Worship (Created & Arranged by Ronn Huff), 1984
Oak Ridge Boys - Gospel Gold (Including a live in concert performance of "King Jesus"), 1974
Oak Ridge Boys - Oak Ridge Boys (#KC32742)(Columbia Records)
Oak Ridge Boys - International
Oak Ridge Boys - "Jesus Christ, What A Man!"
Oak Ridge Boys - Light, 1972
Oak Ridge Boys - New Horizons
Oak Ridge Boys - The Lighthouse and other Gospel Hits, 1973
Oak Ridge Quartet and Wally Fowler - Victory Thru Jesus: Gospel Songs With Wally Fowler & The Oak Ridge Quartet
Oaks Band, The - Rockland Road, 1974
Odell, Mac - Hymns For The Country Folks
Old Fashioned Revival Hour - Favorites
Old Fashioned Revival Hour - The Old Fashioned Revival Hour Choir and Quartet
Old Fashioned Revival Hour Choir - An Old Fashioned Christmas with the Old Fashioned Revival Hour Choir
Old Fashioned Revival Hour Choir - Dr Charles E Fuller presents the Old Fashioned Revival Hour Choir
Old Fashioned Revival Hour Choir - Volume 1 (directed by H. Leland Green with Rudy Atwood and George Broadbent), 2 copies
Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quartet with Rudy Atwood at the piano (#OF-1279)
Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quartet with Rudy Atwood at the piano, (#OF-1281)
Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quartet with Rudy Atwood at the piano (#1287)
Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quartet with Rudy Atwood at the piano - Blessed Be The Name, 1972
Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quartet - Just A Little Talk With Jesus
Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quartet - Sweeter As The Days Go By (reverently dedicated to the memory of Dr Charles E Fuller)
Old Time Gospel Hour Trio - You Won't Believe The Difference, 1973, 2 copies
Oldham, Doug - Christmas with Doug Oldham, 1972
Oldham, Doug - Sings Jerry Falwell's Television Favorites: Sixteen Songs and Hymns (worn record), 1972
Oldham, Doug - Special Delivery, 1979
Oldham, Doug - To God Be The Glory, 1973
Omartian, Stormie - Exercise For Life, 1983, Radio Copy
Orphans In The City, 1984 Sealed
Our Family Favorites with Billy Graham, featuring Andrae Crouch, Johnny Cash, Evie Tornquist, George Beverly Shea, and others, 1978, 2 copies
Owens, Bonnie - Mother's Favorite Hymns
Owens, Buck and his Buckaroos - Dust On Mother's Bible (Songs Of Faith and Religion)
Owens, Buck and his Buckaroos - Your Mother's Prayer
Owens-Collins, Jamie - A Time For Courage, 1985
Owens-Collins, Jamie - A Time For Courage, 1985 Sealed
Owens-Collins, Jamie - Straight Ahead, 1979
Pace, Millie Trio - Volume 5 with the Bob Summers Musical Ensemble
Pack, Marshall and the Sierra's - God Country Mother & Home
Palermo Brothers - Brothers In The Lord, (presenting songs and instrumentals made famous in Youth For Christ appearances), 1958
Palmetto State Quartet - How Great Thou Art
Palmetto State Quartet - Sings The Gospel, 1983
Palmetto State Quartet - Worship with the Palmetto State Quartet
Parker, Kenny Trio - Afterglow, featuring "I'll Keep Holding On To Jesus", 1973
Parker, Kenny Trio - Ten Thousand Years, 1973
Parks, Alan - The Believers Hymn Book: The Hymns I Grew Up With
Paschal, Janet - I Give You Jesus, 1986
Patillo, Leon - A Funny Thing Happened, 1986 Sealed
Patillo, Leon - I'm Brand New, Radio Copy, 12" Single
Patillo, Leon - I'll Never Stop Lovin' You, 1982
Patillo, Leon - Love Around The World, 1985 Sealed, 2 copies
Patillo, Leon - The Sky's The Limit, 1984 Sealed, 2 copies
Paynes - Ready Or Not, 1982
Paynes - This Is War!, 1988
Peacemakers - He's Not Here, 1983
Pedigo, Davis - Messengers, 1986
Peek, Dan - All Things Are Possible, 1978
Pennell, Ken - Love Is The Reason, 1981, Radio Copy
Perdue, Harvey - Harvey Perdue, 1983 Sealed
Perrys - Tradition, 1987
Peterson, Michael - Michael Peterson, 1986 Sealed
Petra - More Power To Ya, 1982
Pfeifer Evangelistic Singers - Satisfied, 1984
Pfeifer Singers - Pfeifer Singers
Pfeifers - Just For The Record
Phillips, Leslie - Beyond Saturday Night, 1983
Phillips, Dixie - I've Never Regretted, 1984, Unopened, 4 copies
Potter, Don - Free Yourself, 1984 Sealed
Powell, Marilyn - I've Got Jesus In My Heart, 1974
Powell, Rick Singers - Something Beautiful Volume 3, (Singing The Songs Of Bill and Gloria Gaither), 1976
Pratt, Dan - The Six O'clock Apocalypse or: A Whale Of A Funny Tale (comedy), 1972
Premier Performance, 1981, Radio Copy
Preston, Billy - Universal Love, 1980, Radio Copy
Price, Flo - Sings with the Ralph Carmichael Orchestra
Price, Ray - Faith... With Orchestra and Chorus
Primitive Quartet - Almost Home (featuring "The Great Beyond"), 1978
Primitive Quartet - Lord Give Me A Place
Primitive Quartet - Music From Our Mountains, 1986
Prism - Yellow, 1987
Psalms Alive, 1983
Psalms Alive 2, 1984 Sealed
Raley, Vere - Baritone, with the Lorin Whitley Musical Ensemble
Ramsey, Mary - I Love The Man, Sealed
Rambo Reunion, 1981, 2 copies
Rambos - There Has To Be A Song, 1975
Rambos, The Singing - The Real Thing
Rambos, The Singing - This Is My Valley
Real Happiness - All Is Well
Redeemed with Squire Parsons - Friends, 1986
Reeves, Jim - God Be With You, (LPM-1950)
Rejoice And Be Glad - The Scotish Festivals Of Male Voice Praise (directed by James McRoberts)
Reno, Don & Benny Martin - Bluegrass Gospel Favorites
Reno and Smiley - Hymns And Sacred Gospel Songs
Reno and Smiley - The World's 15 Greatest Hymns
Revelation - For His Glorious Majesty, 1980
Revivaltime Choir Sings - Songs We All Love (featuring Denise Power, soloist)
Revivaltime Choir - More Than Life, 1975
Revivaltime Choir - We've A Story To Tell
Rez Band - "Bootleg," 1984
Rez Band - Hostage, 1984
Rez - Between Heaven N Hell, 1985
Richard, Cliff - Walking In The Light, 1984 Sealed
Richards, DeLeon - DeLeon, 1984 Sealed
Roberts, Jim and Norma Zimmer - Whispering Hope
Roberts, Oral - Music by the World Action Singers of Oral Roberts University (with Richard Roberts, Patti Roberts and Joyce Lampkin)
Roberts, Patti - Winter To Spring, 1983 Sealed
Roberts, Richard - Love Is (featuring Patti Roberts and the World Action Singers)(Music arranged by Ralph Carmichael)
Roberts, Richard - My Father's Favorite Songs
Roberts, Richard - Songs To Live By (Orchestra arranged & conducted by Ralph Carmichael), (with the World Action Singers)
Robertson, Alan - I Don't Want To Go Back, 1984 Sealed
Robertson, Terry - In Your Hands Lord, Sealed
Robinson, Betty Jean - When I See His Face, 1986
Rock Gospel: The Key to The Kingdom, 1971
Rodgers, Dawn - Straight To The Heart, 1986
Roe, Gloria - To Teens...With Love
Rogers, Roy and Dale Evans - In The Sweet By And By, 1973
Rogers, Roy and Dale Evans and their family - Jesus Loves Me: Wonderful Sunday School Favorites, (cover is worn)
Roley, Scott - Within My Reach, 1984
Ron Williams Singers - From The Heart
Ronn Huff Project - First Thoughts, 1983 Sealed
Ryan, Samuel - Happiness At Last, 1986 Sealed, 2 Copies
Sabers Quartet - Smooth Spiritual
Sacred Sound Spectacular: Sixteen Famous Artists and Groups (featuring Steve Musto, Bill Gaither Trio, Reba Rambo, and more)
Sanborn, Jan - Piano Impressions (with Choral Background)
Sandberg, Paul - Welcome To The Family, 1975
Sanders, Steve - I'm Happy Now
Sanders, Steve - In The Springtime Of His Years
Sanders, Steve - Little Steve Sings Big
Sanders, Steve - This Is My Valley
Schell, Jack Company - The Jack Schell Company (LR1012)
Seabolt, Donnie - Come To The Cross, 2 copies
Searle, Jack - The Way That He Loves, 1983
2nd Chapter Of Acts - Hymns, 1986
2nd Chapter Of Acts - Rejoice, 1981, Radio Copy
2nd Chapter Of Acts - Singer Sower, 1983
2nd Chapter Of Acts - The Roar Of Love, 1980, Radio Copy
Sego Brothers and Naomi - Daddy Sang Bass
Sego Brothers and Naomi - Featuring Naomi, 1972
Sego Brothers and Naomi - Gospel Music On Stage With The Sego Brothers & Naomi
Sego Brothers and Naomi - Happy Day!
Sego Brothers and Naomi - I Pray My Way Out Of Trouble
Sego Brothers and Naomi - Jesus Is A Soul Man
Sego Brothers and Naomi - Live On Stage, 1984
Sego Brothers and Naomi - Meetin' Time
Sego Brothers and Naomi - Sing "Somebody Touched Me"
Sego Brothers and Naomi - Sing 'Weapon Of Prayer' and other Gospel favorites
Sego Brothers and Naomi - Will The Circle Be Unbroken
Sellers, John - Let Praise Arise, 1984
Servant - Light Maneuvers, 1984 Sealed
Servants - His Majesty Proclaimed
Sharalee - Finally Him Finally Me, 1980 Sealed
Sharretts - Let It Shine, 1981
Shaw, Bill - Bill Shaw Sings Sacred Classics
Shaw, Robert Chorale - Deep River and other spirituals, (Robert Shaw, conductor), 1958
Sheltons - Again
Sherwood, Roberta - Gone Gospel (Gospel Goes Pop), with the Malcolm Dodds Singers and Orchestra, 1963
Shiffletts - Going Higher, Sealed
Simeone, Harry Chorale - The Little Drummer Boy (a Christmas Festival with Brass Choir and Orchestra), 1966
Sing A Song Of Scripture (produced in studios of Christian Broadcasting Association, Auckland)
Singing Americans - Black And White, 1985
Singing Americans - Everybody Ought To Praise His Name, 1983
Singing Americans - Hearts Of Praise Songs of Majesty, 1986
Singing Americans - Homecoming Live, 1987
Singing Americans - Live And Alive, 1984, 2 copies
Singing Americans - Sensational Singing Americans
Singing Angels - Just For His Love, 1988 Sealed
Singing Christians - Refresh Our Spirit, 1978
Singing Echoes - Live From Blue Springs Valley (featuring "It's Enough"), 1985
Singing Echoes - Look For Me
Singing Echoes - Pure Southern Tradition, 1982
Singing Echoes - Thank You Lord
Singing Echoes - Waiting For My Ride, 1984
Singing Journeymen - Remember Mama
Singing Journeymen - When I've Traveled My Last Mile
Singing Ledbetters - A Sermon In Song
Singing Ledbetters - Born To Sing
Singing Ledbetter's and Glenn - Father This One's Mine, 1982
Singing Ledbetters - Live On Stage
Singing Ledbetters - Our Mother's Prayer
Singspiration Sampler, (songs by Herman Voss, George Beverly Shea, King's Choraliers, Les Barnett, and more)
Sky Pilot Choir, directed by Doris Akers, with the Sutton Sisters
Slaughter, Henry & Hazel - Live (featuring "A Parade Of Miracles"), 1972
Slaughter, Henry & Hazel - Written In Red, 1984
Sloan, Rick & Debbi - Rick & Debbi, 1980
Smith, Carl Trio - Sunday Down South
Smith, Marie - I Can See Him Now, Sealed
Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle - Heaven Bound (featuring musical groups of Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle)
Snell, Adrian - Feed The Hungry Heart, 1985
Snow, Carol and Jimmy - Visions Of Glory, 2 copies
Song Masters - Behold The Lamb, (STAV-5122), 1976
Song Masters - Glory Road, (SM-908)
Song Masters - Go Free, (SM-430)
Song Masters - Now I Have Everything, (SM-1002-A)
Song Masters - Oh What A Beautiful City, (STAV-5133), 1977
Song Masters - See A New Day
Songs Of Faith - (featuring Jimmie Osborne, Clyde Moody, Mac Odell, Trace Family Trio, Esco Hankins, and more)
Sonlight - Together Again, 1980
Sonshine Melody Boys - Goin 'Down To The River
Sonshine Melody Boys - Joy In The Journey
Sonshine Melody Boys - One More Sound
Sonshine Melody Boys - Your Way
Sontones Quartet - On The Way
Sparrow Spotlight Sampler - 1978
Sparrow's New Music Summer Singles, 1988 Sealed
Spaulding, Glenn - The Whistling Preacher, with Lorin Whitney (pipe organ) and Rudy Atwood (piano)
Spectrum - The Colours Sampler (Such artists as Tom Howard, Phil Keaggy and Steve Erquiaga), 1985 Sealed
Speer Family - Especially Warm
Speer Family - God Gave The Song (featuring "Jesus: He Is The Son of God"), 1974, (R3311)
Speers - Between The Cross And Heaven (There's A Whole Lot Of Living Going On), 1976
Speers - Celebration At Sea, 1987
Speers - Cornerstone, 1977
Speers - Hallelujah, 1982
Speers - Interceding, 1980, 2 copies
Speers - Something Good Is About To Happen, 1975
Speers - The Speers Live Featuring The Speer Sisters, 1983
Speers - Rejoicing!, 1985, 2 copies
Speers - Promises To Keep, 1978, 2 copies
Speers - Steppin' Out On Faith, 1986
Speers - Sunday Morning Singin', 1984
Spencer Family - Moving Out, 1984
Spencers - Praying
Spurr & McNeil - A Taste Of Eternity, 1984 Sealed
Spurr, Thurlow and the Spurrlows - The Spurrlows Now
Stamps Conservatory Chorale (Arranged & Directed by Don Sumner)
Star Shower, 1983
Starcher, Buddy - Country Soul & Inspiration
Statesmen, Hovie Lister and the - God Loves American People
Statesmen Quartet with Hovie Lister - Peace O Lord
Steel City Quartet - If I Had Wings, 1986, Sealed
Stephanie - One In A Million, 1979
Stephens, Christian - Christian Stephens, Radio Copy
Stewart, Derrell - Personality and Piano
Stonehill, Randy - Love Beyond Reason, 12" Single
Stonehill, Randy - Celebrate This Heartbeat, 1984
Stonehill, Randy - Between The Glory And The Flame, 1981
Stonehill, Randy - Equator, 1983
Stookey, Noel Paul - Bodyworks, 1985 Sealed
Stookey, Noel Paul - Band & Bodyworks, 1979
Story, Carl and his Rambling Mountaineers - All Day Sacred Singing
Story, Carl and his Rambling Mountaineers - America's Favorite Country Gospel Artist Sings 12 Of His Most Requested Gospel Favorites.
Story, Carl and his Rambling Mountaineers - There's Nothing On Earth That Heaven Can't Cure
Story, Carl - Daddy Sang Bass
Story, Carl - Everybody Will Be Happy
Story, Carl - Gospel Revival (with the Rambling Mountaineers)
Story, Carl and his Rambling Mountaineers - Gospel Quartet Favorites
Story, Carl and his Rambling Mountaineers - Mighty Close To Heaven
Story, Carl and his Rambling Mountaineers - More Gospel Quartet Favorites (MG 20584)
Story, Carl and his Rambling Mountaineers - Sacred Songs Of Life And The Hereafter
Story, Carl - The Best Of Carl Story
Streetlight - Streetlight, 1983
Stryper - Honestly, 1986 Sealed, 12" Single, 2 copies
Stuckey, Nat and Connie Smith - Sunday Morning with Nat Stuckey and Connie Smith, 1970
Sullivan Family - Favorite Hymns by Sullivan Gospel Singers
Sullivan Family - What A Wonderful Saviour, 2 copies
Sullivan Family - Working On A Building
Summerfest 80, 1980
Sunday Singers - Singing Spirited Sounds
Surprise-R-Cise, 1984
Swaggart, Jimmy - Christ Is My Everything, 1988
Swaggart, Jimmy - Christ Is My Everything, 1988 Sealed
Swaggart, Jimmy - Christmas Strings of Jimmy Swaggart, 1972 Sealed
Swaggart, Jimmy - Christmas Spirit, 1978
Swaggart, Jimmy and friends - Color Me A Story, 1980 Sealed, 2 copies
Swaggart, Jimmy - God's Gonna Bless His Children, 1976
Swaggart, Jimmy - Great Friends Of The Bible, 1984 Sealed, 2 copies
Swaggart, Jimmy - Hallowed Be Thy Name, 1986, 12" Single, 2 copies
Swaggart, Jimmy - Heaven's Sounding Sweeter All The Time, 1977
Swaggart, Jimmy - It's Beginning To Rain, 1986
Swaggart, Jimmy - Jesus Be Jesus In Me, 1987
Swaggart, Jimmy - Jesus Is The Sweetest Name I Know
Swaggart, Jimmy - Jesus Just The Mention Of Your Name, 1982
Swaggart, Jimmy - Jesus Will Outshine Them All, 1972
Swaggart, Jimmy - Let Your Living Water Flow, Sealed, 12" Single
Swaggart, Jimmy - Living Waters, 1984
Swaggart, Jimmy - Looking For A City, 1979, 2 copies
Swaggart, Jimmy - Memories, 1983
Swaggart, Jimmy - Only Jesus, 1976
Swaggart, Jimmy - Sings The Great Hymns Of The Church, 1980
Swaggart, Jimmy - Sometimes Alleluia, 1979
Swaggart, Jimmy - Somewhere Listenin', 1978
Swaggart, Jimmy - Sweet Anointing, 1985, 2 copies
Swaggart, Jimmy - There Is A River, 1984, 2 copies
Swaggart, Jimmy - This Is Just What Heaven Means To Me
Swaggart, Jimmy with Dwain Johnson - Touching Jesus, 1974
Swaggart, Jimmy - When I Say Jesus, 1975
Swaggart, Jimmy - We'll Talk It Over In The Bye And Bye, 1979
Swaggart, Jimmy - Worship, 1980, 2 copies
Swank, Charles - Seated One Day At The Organ
Swordsmen - Father Of Miracles, 1983
Talbot, John Michael - Beginnings..., 1980 Radio Copy
Talbot, John Michael - Come To The Quiet, 1980
Talbot, John Michael - Songs For Worship Volume 1, 1983 Radio Copy
Talbot, John Michael - Songs For Worship Volume 2, 1985
Talbot, John Michael - The God Of Life, 1984
Talbot, John Michael - The Regathering, 1988 Sealed
Talbot, John Michael & friends - Be Exalted, 1986
Talbot, John Michael & Terry Talbot - No Longer Strangers, 1983
Talbot, Terry - A Song Shall Rise, 1981 Radio Copy
Talbot, Terry - A Time To Laugh A Time To Sing, 1978
Talbot, Terry - Face To Face, 1985 Sealed
Talbot, Terry - On Wings Of The Wind, 1982
Talbot, Terry - Sings Stories Of Jesus, 1984
Talleys - United, 1986
Talleys - Wherever I Am, 1984
Talleys - Work Of Heart, 1985
Tarzan (Tony Brown) - Plays Piano
Tarzen - Tarzen (Tony Brown)
Taylor, Steve - Meltdown, 1984
Taylor, Steve & Sheila Walsh - Trans-Atlantic Remixes, 1985, 12" Single
Taylor, Steve - Limelight, 1985
Teach Us Your Way: Together In Prayer & Worship, 1980
Terry, Pat - Film At Eleven, 1983 Sealed
Terry, Pat - Humanity Gangsters, 1982
Terry, Pat - The Silence, 1984 Sealed
Terry, Pat Group - Songs Of The South, 1976
The Greatest Of These Is Love, 1976
The King Of Who I Am: Ten Songs Of Praise And Worship, 1985 (featuring Talleys, Florida Boys, Newsong, and more)
The Living Christmas Tree (featuring the Old-Time Gospel Hour Choir)(with a Christmas message by Jerry Falwell)
The Old Country Church Choir - Arranged And Conducted By Dick Bolks, 1975
They Came To America, 1986 Radio Copy
Thomas, B.J. - Peace In The Valley, 1982
Thomas, Donn - Live Wires, 1980 Radio Copy
Thomas, Donn - You're The One, 1981 Radio Copy
Thomas Indian Family - Instrumental Music of The Thomas Indian Family featuring Mack Thomas and his Steel Guitar
Thou Art Worthy (Scripture In Song)
Thrasher Brothers - Sing On!
Thrasher Brothers - What's For Sunday?
Thrasher Brothers - The Fantastic Thrashers At Fantastic Caverns
Three Sons Gospel Team - John 1:12 (Music In The Western Style with a Spiritual Emphasis)
Tigner, Marcy - Trombone with Harp, Violin and Pipe Organ
Time For Prayer (featuring Tommy Magness, Clyde Moody, Mac Odell, and more)(#AL 1518)
T.K. and Company - Taste And See
Todd, Don - Cleansing Wind, 1984 Sealed
Tom's Gospel Sing - Previews North Carolina's Favorite Quartets Volume One (featuring Masters, Mello-Tones, Hopper Brothers and more)
Toney Brothers - Keep On Singin'
Toney Brothers - New Sound
Torchbearers - Sing A Song
Treasures 2: Great Hymns & Gospel Songs Of The Christian Faith, (various artists), 1984
Treasury - Treasury, 1984 Sealed
Tripp, LaVerne & Family - Have You Heard The News?
Tripp, LaVerne - His Hand Reached Further Down Than I Could Reach Up
Truetones - Let's Go To Church, 1987 Sealed
Tuttle, Wesley - Gospel Gems, 1962
Tuttle, Wesley - The Wesley Tuttle Family Album
Tuttle, Wesley and Marilyn - His Name Is Wonderful
Turner, Charles (tenor) - with the Dick Friesen Musical ensemble and Lorin Whitney at the Organ (#1262)
Turner, Ken - Here Comes The Volkswagen (featuring Ken Turner of the Blackwood Brothers)
Vale, Alliene - The Joy Of The Lord, 1979
Valenti, Tony - Lord I'm Glad To Know Thee
Van Impe, Rexella - Show Love!, 1982 Sealed
Vector - Mannequin Virtue, Sealed
Vector - Please Stand By, 1982 Sealed, 2 Copies
Vernons - The Vernons sing Jericho Road and other great Gospel spirituals
Vicksburgs - Old Time Family Gospel Band
Wagner, Harold - The Joyful Gospel
Wagoner, Porter and The Blackwood Brothers Quartet - The Grand Old Gospel, 1966
Ward, James - Himself
Ward, Kellie - Refreshing Times, 1983
Ward, Matthew - Toward Eternity, 1979
Watchmen - Children
Watchmen - Naturally
Watchmen - No Hiding Place, 1974
Weiss, Randy and The Pilgrim Band - Munchy Manna Spirit Flakes, 1983, Includes 45 RPM Single
Wells, Kitty - Dust On The Bible, (DL 78858)
Wells, Kitty Family - Gospel Sing
Weston & Davis - Command Performance, 1984 Sealed
White Sisters - Old Time Religion
WhiteHeart - Vital Signs, 1984
Whites - Doing It By The Book, 1988
Whitney, Lorin - Chimes
Whitney, Lorin - Pipe Organ
Whitney, Lorin - Songs That Touch The Heart
Whitney, Lorin & Bud Tutmaro - Precious Memories (Pipe Organ with Hawaiian Guitar)
Whitney, Lorin & Elsie Jaggers - Whispering Hope (Hawaiian Guitar & Pipe Organ)
Wideman Family - Jesus Is The Light, Sealed
Wilburn Brothers - Livin' In God's Country
Wilburn Brothers - Take Up Thy Cross
Willard, Kelly - Willing Heart, 1981 Radio Copy
Williams, Hank Jr. - Sunday Morning
Williamson, Mark Band - Missing In Action, 1984 Sealed
Winans - Tomorrow, 1984
Winans, Bebe & Cece - Heaven, 1988 Sealed
Winans, Bebe & Cece - Lost Without You, 1989 Sealed, 12" Single
Wineske, Glen and Grace - Inspirational Selections By Glen And Grace Wineske
Wiseman, Mac - Mac Wiseman Sings Best-Loved Gospel Hymns
With One Voice: A Collection Of Christian Music's Best Loved Songs, (featuring Sandi Patti, Twyla Paris, Lulu Roman, and more), 1985
Woodburn, Gordon - Baritone (with Rudy Atwood and Lorin Whitney)
World Vision Korean Orphan Choir - A Concert Of Christmas Music, (with Dr. Bob Pierce)

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