If you are a registered customer, you can check on the status of any order that you recently placed. Simply click on the "Order Status" link near the bottom of most pages.

As a registered customer, you will be asked to enter your e-mail address and your password (which you had selected as part of the registration process). Our system will then display an "Order History" page. You can then simply click on the order in question for information.

Note that "Order Status" is updated on the web normally around 5 p.m. each weekday to reflect orders received and processed during the previous 24 hours (weekdays). You should receive an e-mail soon after you place your order assuming you provided your e-mail address during the ordering process. Please note that you will only receive such notices if they are not blocked or "bounced" by any spam blockers your system or your mail service provider may have in place. This is the most common cause if such notices are not received.

IMPORTANT: You can use this system only to check the status of orders which have been placed online through our webstore. Orders placed in other ways (mail, phone, fax, etc.) cannot be checked online.

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