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JIM MCCOMAS - Lift Them High CD

"Lift Them High" features 14 songs of help, hope and healing.  We all go through struggles now and then, and those tough times are often when we lift our hands and hearts to God, asking for His touch.  The title song on this album is a new one about the power of prayer, written by Reagan Riddle of the Primitive Quartet.  It fits in well with the rest of the album as the entire project is themed to uplift the discouraged.

The song "His Favorite Child Of All" reminds us that God's favorite child is the one who needs Him the most.  The ones who are broken and wounded and hurting can find their strength and new life in Jesus.  When Jim recorded this song, he had no idea how much hurt was just ahead for him and his family.

"This CD is lovingly dedicated to the life and legacy of Matthew James McComas,"  Jim writes.  "Our first born son Matt was a gentle, quiet, polite and kind young man.  He loved life, his friends and family and the Lord.  He also battled a terrible addiction problem.  On Saturday, February 25, 2017, Matt's early battle ended, and a gracious and loving God that he had known personally since the age of seven, lovingly took him home.  While Matt's battle is over, ours is just beginning - a battle to stir a much needed discussion in our churches about addiction issues, a battle for the lives of other good and decent young people like Matt, and a battle to show love, grace and understanding to those who need it most in our midst."

Along with the ten inspirational and encouraging songs, there are four songs "just for fun."  One of the funniest men I know, Jim brings that sense of humor to four bonus songs.  I would guess the "Chicken Eating Preacher" song hits pretty close to home for Jim.  I know "The Roudabout Song" refers to a new feature in Jim's hometown.  If you need a lift of spirit, these funny songs are for you.

Producer Jeff Collins says, "As producer of this recording, one of the things that stands out is the rich, warm tone of Jim's voice. That soothing sound paired with a wonderful selection of songs for all ages makes for easy and enjoyable listening. Experience times of praise, reflection and even a few laughs as you listen to Jim's music. You'll be very pleased to have this CD as part of your Christian music collection."

(Review by Shelia Heil)

JIM MCCOMAS - Lift Them High CD
With a warm and passionate voice and a heart for the hurting, Jim McComas brings us songs that encourage and heal.
Lift Them High, My God Forgets, I Am, You're Still You, The Right Hand Of Fellowship, His Favorite Child Of All, Somebody Is Me, I've Been Touched, There Is Jesus, With His Arms Wide Open.  Bonus Songs: Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now ("Jersey Cow"), Chicken Eating Preacher, The Barn Dance, The Roundabout Song.
CD # JMLTH-CD – just $11.96 (discounted, regular $14.95)

Other New Items This Week at Springside (Special Discounts)

Themes of grace, mercy, thanksgiving and hope combined with fresh melodies and relevant lyrics from this talented foursome.
We Welcome Your Holy Spirit, Chain Breaker, God Will Always Be God, The Cross Is All The Proof I Need, One Happy Man, Thankful So Thankful, I Know Him, Never Assume, Grace And Mercy, Bottom Of The Barrel, My God Called Me This Morning.
CD # TRTF-CD – just $10.36 (discounted, regular $12.95)

Recent Releases (Previously Posted)

KINGSMEN - They Don't Know CD
The Kingsmen continue their six decade legacy of great quartet music with new songs honoring God's faithfulness and His grace.
They Don't Know (What The Lord Can Do), Keep The Lions Hungry, God Calls It Grace, Hear The Word Of The Lord, The Evidence I Need, I'll Sail Away Yonder, Cost Of The Cross, Let Go And Hold Fast, Fade To Black, Don't Underestimate God's Grace, Legacy.
CD # KDK-CD  ($13.95)

Powerful arrangements, strong material and robust vocals to match.
Delivered Again, He Can't Follow Me Home, Hold Your Ground, The Ark, God Will Take Care Of It All, It Is Time, Redemption Draweth Nigh, How Long, Help Me Make It, There Rose A Lamb.
CD # BRTIM-CD  ($13.95)

PAUL'S JOURNEY - Keep Keepin On CD
Unsurpassed harmony and blending of four male voices with great Gospel songs.
Praise, That's God's Story, Even Now, Make Me A Blessing, Resist And Draw Nigh, Keep Keepin On, Bring Me Back, What A Mighty God, I Needed A Savior, I'm Gonna Rise.
CD # PJKK-CD  ($14.95)

Songs of God's enduring faithfulness and power from this outstanding, exciting male trio.
Watch Them Giants Fall, Beyond The Blood, How Great The Debt, He Saw That It Was Good, Some Morning, God Still Delivers, Praise My Way Out, Love Was His Cross To Bear, God Knows What It Takes, Born To Fly.
CD # SHSD-CD  ($12.95)

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