Information Regarding Accompaniment Tracks

Accompaniment tracks are a very popular way for singers to have professional accompaniment when they sing. Today's tracks on CD usually include a range of options, such as high and low keys, with or without background singers, etc., and include a demonstration track.


Whenever possible, the name of the artist who most recently made the song popular appears on the "detailed description" page of each item. This artist does not normally appear on the track, but is provided merely as a means of helping identify the song. "Sound-alike" vocalists are generally featured on the demonstration tracks.


Most tracks of songs originally recorded by groups do not have background vocals, but many tracks of songs originally recorded by soloists do have background vocals in the style of the original recording. A few such tracks provide the song both with and without background vocals on the same CD.


Printed lyrics are usually included, unless permission to do so is denied by the songwriter or the publisher.


Tracks which provide more than one key on the "detailed description" page are special "Hi-Lo" tracks, done both in the key and style of the original plus a higher or lower alternate key. All Crossroads tracks have this feature.  Note that the newer Daywind "Hi-Lo" tracks also come with and without background vocals so you can choose what you want to use.


New tracks are constantly being added, as released. Update sheets with new song titles are sent with each order. You would also be notified of such new releases by subscribing to the free e-mail Springside UPDATE.


Daywind wedding tracks are marked in our printed catalog with the code WT. On this website, we suggest you search for "wedding" in the "description" category. Of course, other songs than those marked may be appropriate for wedding use, too. And, conversely, some wedding tracks may be suitable for other uses as well.


Every accompaniment track recording includes a demonstration track. Sometimes on original recording tracks the original artists provide the demonstration. But most often the demonstration track is sung by top "sound-alike" studio vocalists. The demonstration track is especially important for singers who are not used to singing with such tracks, especially because track instrumentation often does not include the "lead" or melody, which is supplied by the singer(s).


You can now audition short segments of each available track through a special player found conveniently on each track's webpage in our online store. This will aid you in determining if the track is right for your voice and otherwise usable in your live performances. It will also help you compare the same song from the different manufacturers that we carry.

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If there is a difference in price for the various tracks that you order, the bonus "free" track will be (or will be a track normally the same price as) the lowest-priced track ordered.

Note that when purchasing tracks online, the bonus track(s) will show the regular price. However, when our operators actually import the order into our fulfillment system, the price of the bonus track(s) will be adjusted to zero and your credit card will be charged appropriately.

Our "Buy Four Get One More" tracks offer is good only for individual orders. It cannot be applied from one order to the next or combined with other discounts.

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